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A biweekly discussion group. For more, see agendas below and the talk page.

Upcoming meetings

Previous gatherings

June 19

On Ad Libris

April 2

Hot on the heels of our last meeting. A mini-agenda:

  • existing networks of education enthusiasts and volunteers.
  • following up on last week's theme : what are some of the great examples of development projects in education from the past, and where are they now?
  • iCommons and OLPC projects in the near future to support local education creation
    • the iSummit this June - including workshops and online participation
  • Speaker series : requests for fields and people

March 28

Related projects

Updates needed for...

  • Tamilnet - what happened to one email per village?
  • Motocar/oxcart nets in Cambodia - still in use?
  • Similar Indian networks?
  • Cell phone sharing entrepreneurs: #, impact?
  • Voices from the Plain of Jars - from Laos


  • Learn about the world; other worlds and cultures. --> arts and culture, wikipedia, digital libraries
  • Library interface: pass around catalogs
  • Local kid-friendly materials: animals, locales,
  • Literacy and numeracy


  • sesame: al manahil, plazax2, &c
  • logo, squeak manuals
  • unicef - child storytelling and sharing about their culture
  • penpals -- easier for girls? photos make this better


sharing and cultural id

  • Media and oral histories
  • collab record, by community
  • minor languages and cultural preservation


  • media and arts


  • learning to learn and teach
  • creative synthesis
  • filling bounties, reputation and awards

Kid worries

  • Stealing friends' laptop; breaking one and taking another. How to prove whose machine I am?
  • Personalization: physical etching? Bring a laser etcher around school to school?
  • How much can repersonalization happen?


  • district, school to school
  • student, teacher to teacher
  • city, nation to nation


Banks for bandwidth - nights and weekends

Animation, shadow puppet software

Postcards from Buster, as model

Video demonstration of what one might do with computers, next to a catalog and 'what do you like?' survey.

March 15

Speaker series. Who from education, economics, social development, technology?

  • Cynthia B @ Media Lab

Attendance : promote through mailing lists, irc channels, other Berkman events