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Reference works can include:

  • dictionaries
  • Atlases and Maps
  • New encyclopedias and Almanacs

Interesting Data Sets

see Educational content ideas/data sets


List of Words in Spanish

Grady Ward's dictionaries:

  • The Logos multilingual dictionary, a GFDL dictionary in 200+ languages.
  • The Indic Family of Languages project
    I am thrilled by this project. I make available my multi-lingual comparative dictionary for over 25 ancient languages with hundreds of thousands of words for use on the laptop. I also offer this to google for use since google supports the one laptop per child project. Congratulations, Nicholas Negroponte and his team for initiating this project. Best wishes for a successful launch.
    -- S. kalyanaraman, Ph.d. Sarasvati Research Centre, Srinagar Colony, Chennai 600015 kalyan97 at
  • African Language Bilingual (with English) Dictionaries - Hausa, Akan, Ewe (West Africa)- from

Encyclopedias and Almanacs

  • Wikipedia (and subsets of it)
  • Other encyclopedia projects...
  • WikiPilipinas is an online wiki encyclopedia of Philippine content that is gradually gaining acceptance and use in Philippine schools.

Atlases and Maps

  • The 2006 CIA World Factbook is a superb atlas and reference document for statistics of every country in the world. It also includes appendices of International Organizations and Groups, Selected International Environmental Agreements, Weights and Measures, and more. The Zip file of its contents (including GIF but not PDF maps) is only 18.8 MB, and should compress a bit smaller using a bzip2 or 7zip. It is public domain.