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Welcome, Educators!

In anticipation of supporting the teachers who are using OLPC laptops in their classrooms, we'd like to begin by expanding the presence of educators on the OLPCWiki — that is to say, you.

Follow the steps below to create a page on the OLPCWiki for your educational organization.


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Create a page for yourself

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We are a community service, educational and religious organization that assist inner city youth, single mothers,fatherhood initiatives in many necessities of life. and assert disciplines to help heal human societal enigmas in our local communities.

Jurisdictional Prelate - Florida Resurrection Power Temple Of Hope Ministries

Pastor John K. Williams Theology Doctor


Physical address.



Interests and Expertise

List of relevant interests and expertise.

Current Projects

List of projects related to OLPC, eg:

Educational Activities

Designing activities and lesson plans for use with XO.

Creation of an accredited online lesson Diploma program - for inner city impoverished youth part of a two tier project.

Past Projects

List of completed OLPC-related projects.


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