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What is Esperanto

Esperanto is a constructed or planned language that was created 120 years ago as an international auxiliary language to facilitate international communication. It was designed to be easy to learn with a 100% regular grammar.

Read more at,, The Key To Esperanto. Also the Wikipedia on Esperanto.

How is it relevant to the OLPC?

Because the OLPC is a communications tool and an education tool, some people feel that it would be good to use the OLPC to learn Esperanto and then to deliver learning materials in Esperanto. In addition, children in different countries would be able to communicate with one another.

What can I do?

Have a look at the discussion page and help to extract any other useful bits to add to this page.

What does Esperanto look like?

Here are some proverbs:

Afrikaj proverboj African proverbs
Kokidon renkontante en malsato,
Ĝentilon havi ja ne povas kato.

Ja neniu ŝatas danci je la sono
de terura muĝo de Sinjor' Leono.

Por melki al leon' sovaĝa,
Vi devas esti ja kuraĝa.

Ne blankas karbo kiel jado,
Eĉ post per-akva prilavado.
A cat encountering hunger,
Can still not have a polite chicken.

Nobody likes to dance on the sound
of Mr. Lion's terrible cry.

To milk a savage lion,
You must have courage.

Coal is not white like jade,
Even after washing it with water.