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The Ethiopic syllabary is is the writing system used for several languages of Ethiopia and Eritrea, including Amharic, Tigrinya, and the liturgical Ge'ez language.


Ethiopian support is a work in progress. See Ethiopian Setup.


The Resource page for Ethiopic fonts and input methods at wikipedia is a good place to look.

Abyssinica SIL TrueType fonts are included in our builds.


The et keyboard is in the xkeyboard-config package, already in our builds.

Ethiopic keyboard package for Linux

Typing in Harari (Ḣarari / ሐረሪ)


Please note that there may be additions to the Ethiopic characters in the Unicode standard in the coming years, as more linguistic work is done.

PDFs of multiple versions of The Unicode Standard are available.

This document contains some information about Ethiopic

There is a mention of Ethiopic on pages 4 and 5 of this document.

There are code charts for three blocks of Ethiopic characters.


Ethiopic Supplement

Ethiopic Extended