Etoys Shortcuts

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Etoys mouse shortcuts
Shift-click multi-select to manipulate multiple objects at once - also look in the selection's halo menu
Etoys keyboard shortcuts
Ctrl-enter Toggle Toolbar useful for older projects that extend to screen top
Ctrl-c Copy e.g. objects (if halo is active) or text (if text is selected)
Ctrl-v Paste e.g. images (if nothing is selected) or text (if text field has focus)
Ctrl-o Open Object Catalogue as in supplies flap
Ctrl-m New Morph menu with various means to create or load an object
Advanced Usage
Alt-, View Source menu on XO also fn-space
Alt-. User Interrupt halts execution, opens Debugger
Alt-Shift-W Squeak World Menu full access to Squeak tools
Text editing keys
In Etoys, see World Menu - Help - Command key help (but Alt and Ctrl may be swapped))

This list is not exhaustive but I'd rather have a compact cheat sheet than an overly long list. Everything else can be accessed via the World Menu. --Bert