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Please introduce yourselves here.

Once the XOs are here I suggest we get together and talk. Check Discussion tab, above, and weigh in.

Add information you think we'll want to discuss below.


(1-18-08) Jane and Marilyn Williams met today. Meeting with Marilyn

(1-15-07) PLEASE send an email to krauss_j(at) so I can get names/addresses on a mailing list. Mary and Shikha I have info for Wilbur and Mark, can you write to me?

(1-15-07)NEW XO in Eugene! 4j School Board member Jim Torrey purchased a computer through G1-G1 and it is in the Instruction Department at 4j. I like having ready access to a partner computer so I can really make the tmc pairing functions work. --jk

01-02-08 Meeting on Friday (see below for details, and add to the agenda).

12-27-07 Let's get together January 3,4,5, or 6! If we all have the tmobile configured we can make use of it at a Starbucks or Borders store. What works best for everyone? (reply in discussion).(12-20-07) Mine's here! I just returned from out of town and got busy with our little computer! - JKrauss


We have a meetup! So far Jane, Mark, Mary and Wilbur plan to meet on January 4 at 6:30 at the Starbucks at Broadway and Pearl downtown Eugene. Join us! Bring your little green machine!