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These are important events for broadening OLPC's mission. If you have an event you want to attend or see people who support OLPC attend, list it here (or add Property:Start date to its page on the wiki). If you are attending an event on behalf of OLPC, to give a talk or with some OLPC sponsorship, make sure you are on the attendees list on this page.

Community groups and OLPC have limited resources, which we try to dedicate to materials and tools that event organizers do not cover for speakers. If you plan to attend an event, please budget what the visit will cost, try to get sponsorship from the event planners, and include a budget estimate/request if you are looking for funding support. Ask for donated booth space, submit talks and apply for travel scholarships; and check with local XO groups, who may be able to offer support.

Other events to include : Mini-conferences each quarter. Run a naming contest! XO-tech? Xocon? Propose paper talks during the event.

Upcoming events on

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  • LCA 2010
    Tabitha Roder!
  • Wikimania, June 2010
    in Gdansk

Past events

Archives: 2007-2009


interest: marco, morgs, (tomeu? simon? ), Sayamindu, DanielDrake, mtd
LinuxConf.AU 2009
January, in Tasmania
  • Erik Garrison and Deepak Saxena have submited "An Analysis of Flash File System Alternatives" as a talk proposal.
  • Pia Waugh will run an OLPC BOF so come along to hack, chat, and help with the regional community development of OLPC Friends!
FISL, Feb 2009
who attended?
FUDCon S.America, March? 2009
in Brazil
Wikimania, Aug 2009
in Buenos Aires
  • --Sj talk, on the uses of Wikipedia in rural Peru
  • also a general workshop on offline wikireaders


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