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This is a page for anecdotal reports about experiences with laptop deployments. See also OLPC research for formal research.




  • Astounded in Arahuay, Ivan Krstić's blog from Peru. Unexpected dividends.
  • The Laptops are Coming! The Laptops are Coming!, by Sarah Heller McFarlane, Summer, 2008. Difficulties with a laptop program.
  • Assessing Classroom Technology Integration, 04/25/2008
    • Wally Fuller, technology teacher, Upper Lake Middle School, Upper Lake, California
    • Cossondra George, middle-level math and social studies instructor, Newberry Middle School, Newberry, Michigan
    • Linda George, technology integration specialist, Dondero School, Portsmouth, New Hampshire
    • Patrick J Greene, PhD, Florida Gulf Coast University, Educational Technology Department
    • Fred Holmes, high school LanManager/Webmaster, Osceola Public Schools, Osceola, Nebraska
    • Mary Kreul, 4th grade teacher, Richards Elementary School, Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin
    • Bernard John Poole, Associate Professor of Education and Instructional Technology, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown (Pennsylvania)
    • Vicky Romano, Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois
    • Julia Timmons, instructional technology specialist, Lynchburg City Schools, Lynchburg, Virginia
    • Jennifer Wagner, technology educator and integration specialist, Technospud
  • Formative Evaluation of OLPC Project Nepal: A Summary September 28th, 2008 By:Rabi Karmacharya
  • Interviews with Teachers about OLPC Benefits on what are we doing today, brain? blog

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