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Exploring XO: Tab 4

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Associated project ,|x|Related project::x}}
Short Description Short description::
Long Description Description::
Status Done::not yet started
Created Created::
Skills needed to accomplish task ,|x|Skills needed::x}}
Hardware and software needed to complete the task ,|x|Things needed::x}}
Date the task is finished Date finished::
Topic the task is related to ,|x|Topic::x}}
Person or persons working on the task ,|x|Contributor::x}}
Priority Has priority::

Tab 4: Glossary

Assess- is to measure or figure something out. If one is assessing student’s understanding, he or she is trying to gauge how well students understand something.

Brainstorm-is to come up with ideas. If a class is brainstorming, it is coming up with all the ideas they can think of regarding a specific topic.

Classify-to place an idea in a category or group that includes similar ideas. For instance, if a class needs to classify the hair color of their students, they might put students with brown hair in one category.

Function-is the purpose or meaning of some operation. The function of the power key on the computer is to turn the computer on.

Represent–to stand for. The stars on the American flag represent the number of states in America.

Sequence- is to put something in order. The sequence of the alphabet is A, B, C.

Strategy- is a plan or way to solve something. The student’s strategy in preparing for a test was to work on practice tests.