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The OLPC Wiki is a great medium, but it isn't (and shouldn't) be the source for authoritative documentation.

To fill that need, OLPC has partnered with FLOSSManuals to provide a stable, standalone documentation source. See Manuals for some of the manuals produced with FLOSSManuals, including the content in Help (activity).


The following applies to expanding existing manuals
  1. Login or create an account
  2. Go to the manuals page.
  3. Scroll down to "Sugar/OLPC" and click on a manual


You can export it yourself, or use one of the pre-built copies below:

  • None yet.


  1. Go to the remix page.
  2. Select an applicable manual (ours start with "OLPC)
  3. Drag and drop chapters to the rightmost pane
  4. Click "Style"
  5. Choose a format and title
  6. Click "Export"
  7. Press "Export manual" once you have it the way you want

More on how the Help activity came to be

"I really really really owe the Sugar community a long email documenting what the heck went on with the Help activity last year." :-)