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Requirements * Must allow students to post and work on projects together. One student can create something and share it with other students who edit it and save etc.
  • Must allow development of projects using multiple applications (e.g. write documents, pictures, HTML, etc. needs full list). Juliano - "There is no way for group work for a couple of months in the same project using different activities."
  • Must allow creation of project groups with edit and view privileges based on group membership.
  • Must allow viewing of all projects and of projects filtered by various (needs definition) views. e.g. Juliano - "Even if the Neighborhood View show the currently shared projects, it will just show a subset of them, and just the ones that are currently being used"
  • Must keep a history of who did what and when. Must include which groups worked on each project at different times.
  • Must allow posting for viewing end result in school and publicly on the internet.
  • Must allow "submitting" completed projects to teacher or otherwise setting a "completed" milestone.
  • Must include out of band communication mechanisms. e.g. leave a message for other students saying "I updated frog project with new picture". This could be Chat, e-mail or other synchronous and asynchronous tools.
  • Must allow working at home on XO and then synching up work with the latest shared version.
  • Should included server based and non-server based solutions. That is, should not require a server in all cases.
  • Provide a way to publish material to the world. related slightly to how edublog works now? see also robson's and juliano's interests here (from SJ).
Specification * Idea from CJB: a working Distribute activity for journal objects (could be in the Journal)
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Target for 9.1? Target for 9.1::no