Feature roadmap/Language pack version 3

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Requirements * Installation of updated translations via standalone packages
  • Decoupling of release process and translations
  • Ability of deployments to update their translations on their own
  • Ability for users to update their own translations without root access either from
    • OLPC's Pootle based setup
    • Local modifications
  • Packs should be as RPMs While a standard package format helps, we may not be able to meet the 9.1 target if we try to have non root installable RPMs for this release. I suggest that we stick to zip files, at least for 9.1 --Sayamindu 18:44, 28 December 2008 (UTC)
  • Utilize patches from Ubuntu for Python and Glibc to define a separate install location/search path for PO files installed via the packs
  • A method to deploy the language packs via
    • The Control Panel
    • The customization key mechanism
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