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  • XO release 8.2 contains a list of packages (some forked and some not). For must 9.1.0 we must update all packages to their Fedora 10 versions and re-apply XO specific changes, as needed, to the new Fedora 10 package.
  • Every package should also be included upstream. If that has not been completed in time for this release, every package must at a minimum have a plan for how it will get included upstream. This must include at a minimum an e-mail exchange with the package.
  • Must measure the NAND and memory usage vs 8.2. Any significant (not precisely defined as >1%) change in memory or NAND space in comparison to 8.2, must be reviewed.
  • Must not include any Fedora 9 or earlier packages (unless they haven't changed).
  • Should create tools to manage forked packages better. To start with: a notification tool to let us know if a new upstream release has occurred for a package we have forked. (Scott suggestion). See also thread by Scott at: http://lists.laptop.org/pipermail/devel/2008-October/020411.html
Specification Run this command to see latest package status:

koji latest-pkg dist-olpc4 --all

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