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Overview. This feature is designed to address the persistent requests to run more applications. An alternative approach would be the "easy sugarization" feature above. This implementation is currently preferred because it also helps us get all the XO software "upstream". That would bring in more developers and add flexibility for XO users.

  • Only needs to run Fedora applications which fit in the available NAND space, memory and CPU.
  • Must run as well on the XO as they would on any other computer 433Mhz 256 MB RAM.
  • Must allow switching between a Fedora 10 based spin with a conventional desktop manager and XO running Sugar, and back.
  • Must fit on the XO NAND along with the Sugar based XO image with enough space left (exact amount tbd) for user data.
  • Must/should? allow this on all XOs shipping with XO release 9.1.0. That is, an XO which ships with Sugar
  • Must support camera, microphone, speakers, wifi 802.11 A/B/G, touchpad, Keyboard, USB interfaces, and SD interface.
  • Does not need to make it easy to share files between Fedora and Sugar.
  • Must not need a developer key to switch to Fedora implementation.
  • Must fully support Yum.
  • Must come with nnnn applications on default install (will be chosen and will be a very minimal set).
  • Must boot as fast as Sugar.
  • Must support upgrading the Fedora version and the Sugar version in 9.2.0 and future releases.
  • Must not keep two copies of any files or libraries. Any file which is exactly the same on both Sugar and Fedora images should be used by both and should not take twice the space.
  • Open issue about Security. How do we protect security and still make Fedora + "standard" window manager available? GS
  • Must leave at least 200MBs free when Fedora + Desktop and Sugar are available. (GS test of new query system, not copied to feature roadmap source yet)
Specification From post by David Lang, http://lists.laptop.org/pipermail/devel/2008-December/021548.html

Sizes of recent window manager images:
[ ] awesome.dat 18-Nov-2008 02:41 334M
[ ] awesome.img 18-Nov-2008 02:40 224K
[ ] base.dat 18-Nov-2008 02:55 157M
[ ] base.img 18-Nov-2008 02:55 105K
[ ] gnome.dat 18-Nov-2008 03:24 436M
[ ] gnome.img 18-Nov-2008 03:23 293K
[ ] kde.dat 18-Nov-2008 03:58 536M
[ ] kde.img 18-Nov-2008 03:57 360K
[ ] lxde.dat 18-Nov-2008 04:20 220M
[ ] lxde.img 18-Nov-2008 04:20 147K
[ ] sugar.dat 18-Nov-2008 10:14 357M
[ ] sugar.img 18-Nov-2008 10:13 239K

One possible solution. From this thread: http://lists.laptop.org/pipermail/devel/2008-December/021904.html

  • yum groupinstall "GNOME Desktop Environment"

I gave this a try with latest Joyride (2592), and get a couple of depsolving problems. Maybe one of the RPM ninjas on fedora-olpc-list could take a look at how we could resolve these? Alternatively, maybe we should be hand-picking the list of packages to add, since I see some deps in there we don't want, e.g.:

--> Processing Dependency: texlive = 2007-35.fc10 for package: kpathsea
--> Processing Dependency: httpd >= 2.2.0 for package: gnome-user-share

Possibly useful tool for building Fedora images: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/ApplianceTools

Kickstart file from Peter for Fedora 9: http://pbrobinson.fedorapeople.org/olpc/

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