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Requirements * We need to migrate to SCIM for our input method needs. Our current input method (XKB with XIM) does not work with languages like Chinese, and there are enhancement requests from existing deployments (eg: <trac>8494</trac>) which can only be handled via SCIM. Having SCIM ready and integrated into our builds offer us the possibility to add support for almost any script relatively easily

(and at a short notice), since it is much more flexible and powerful than what we have been using till now (XKB).

  • Must completely support Simplified Chinese, Nepali and Amharic.
  • User experience for keyboard layout switching should not change
Specification * Conversion of all existing layouts to m17n db format , along with refinements and better support for modifiers whenever possible (<trac>6280</trac> (Postponed due to uncertainty wrt the future of SCIM, as detailed on this thread )
  • Modification of relevant startup and configuration scripts for SCIM support
    • Patches in olpc-utils ensure that SCIM starts up automatically in the relevant locales
    • A separate script pre-configures SCIM, based on the mfg-data. This also ensures that SCIM recognises the XO's language switching key as the trigger to change layouts
  • Language/script specific stuff
    • Proper handling of Amharic characters (<trac>8494</trac>) requires implementation of a new Amharic input method (in progress)
    • Simplified Chinese:
      • The following Fedora packages provide support for the Chinese requirement:
        • scim-pinyin
        • scim-fcitx (To be verified with the team in China)
    • Nepali support is implemented by the following Fedora package
      • m17n-contrib-nepali
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Target for 9.1? Target for 9.1::yes