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  • The power button is currently underutilized. It should allow either shutdown or suspend of the laptop, with the help of an on-screen dialog or menu.
  • Make sure that the clean power button shutdown in 9.1 works from the Sugar nickname
Specification See thread at: http://lists.laptop.org/pipermail/devel/2008-October/020530.html

Summary of that thread:

Currently it is much easier to "crash" the laptop (by holding the power button down) than it is to shut it down cleanly. while journalled filesystems can recover from this on the next boot, application writes in progress might not.

Pushing the power button on the laptop should present a menu or dialog allowing shutdown. as a strawman UI, the pushing the button should result in a simple dialog that looks like:

       The laptop will suspend in 5 seconds.
          Shutdown, Suspend Now, Cancel

Or, perhaps more simply:

       The laptop will suspend in 5 seconds
       Push the power button again to shutdown.

It's probably important that existing behavior (i.e., pushing the button causes a suspend) not be interfered with too much. not using extra keys, nor needing the mouse, is also desirable.

This will need to interact with lid-close in a sensible manner. namely:

  • Closing the lid (and therefore suspending) while the 5-second delay is still pending should not cause unexpected behavior when the laptop reawakens, and
  • Closing the lid after a shutdown has commenced should not interrupt or halt the progress of the shutdown.

Ideally, power button "menu" should work indepently of sugar (so that it behaves correctly with other window managers), and even independently of X11, so that it works when the user is at a console prompt.

Ideally, if Sugar is running, the first press (which brings up the prompt) would in parallel cause the foreground activity to save its state (as if it was going into the background), speeding up either the subsequent suspend, or the subsequent shutdown.

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