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Feature subcategory Is part of::Category:Collaboration
Requesters {{#arraymap:Carla and David, Teachers on OLPC-Sur, Peru technical leaders|,|x|Requested by::x}}
Requirements See detailed collaboration requirements here: 9.1.0 Collaboration Requirements
Specification * Ensure Gadget is correctly integrated and deployed in Sugar so we can avoid the troublesome shared roster haxks on the XMPP server
  • Fix tubes so that peer to peer data is sent with peer to peer connections on the network where possible
  • Fix the way JIDs are allocated to be more coherent and based on the child's nickname (also would benefit a lot from having hierachical DNS naming on the school server so each JID is globally unique)
  • Expose JIDs in the UI and allow them to be typed in and approved by normal subscription requests, allowing collaboration with anyone whose JID you know
  • Implement the Telepathy file transfer spec to enable that feature in Sugar
  • Enable avatars in Sugar (although maybe not if we're doing link-local multicast on an XO mesh network) and maybe some UI for taking a photo and setting that as your avatar

See also: http://sugarlabs.org/go/DevelopmentTeam/0.84/Ideas#Glucose

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Priority Priority::2
Helps deployability? Helps deployability::no
Target for 9.1? Target for 9.1::no