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This page is for ideas related to moving pictures, recording them, editing them, transmitting them and viewing them. Given that the OLPC is less powerful than many modern PCs and that it is limited in its electricity consumption, we will need some innovative thinking in this area.

Idea List

Integer Codecs

Support or develop special integer codecs that do not require floating point math to function. This already exists for MP3 players in madplay which runs on devices like the Sharp Zaurus.

Including built-in streaming from e.g. teacher to students

Would the current architecture, including display design/resolution/framerate etc. allow for this in principle?

On the software side, how about some peer-to-peer streaming stuff; one CD or DVD drive/player per school class, and groups of kids watching a (same) movie on several laptops? This is possible with e.g. VLC - but could be built-in, preconfigured/high-lighted and very simple - thingie pops up saying "A neighboring laptop has started streaming video, would you like to watch?" - done.

The hardware exists off the shelve... but will they all work out of the box? Drivers? Can player software be included in the "default" software? If not a full-blown "certification" program, at least at page (on this Wiki!) with "external devices known to work" (or if not, instructions on how to get them to work will probably be needed.


Not a laptop, but an X-Term!

Is anyone willing to consider a more immediately available, dumb-terminal version of the device which would have nothing more than a touchscreen and an ethernet port?

I WANT! A small silent X-Terminal/Media player connected by WiFi/Ethernet to a big box will be a killer app for the Linux based home or office network. Doesn't work with Windows, Microsoft see to that. This is a different spec to the OLPC though, you'd want POE or better yet network over 6-pin firewire (firewire is designed to supply lots of power) you'd probably want a 1024x768 full colour screen and perhaps more memory. This is the $2000 version of the PC. 03:35, 12 April 2006 (EDT)

How about a Camera?

I'm surprised that no one thought to put a camera on the case. The idea of millions of kids with cameras is so revolutionary and will also make the whole family excited about the device. Anything that would help generate content is revolutionary. The camera should be some low cost video capable camera. I know it'll raise some hairs on the backs of some control freaks but this along with the micrphone and audio capability is probably the most amazing thing that could happen. It wouldn't cost most than a dollar or two to put a camera in there. Just do it.

Already done. ffm 12:17, 16 January 2008 (EST)

How about cluster?

Could it be possible to use one 2B1 as a master and the other 2B1's in the classroom as slaves when a video is edited or viewed? All computers in a classroom are already connected to each other over the WLAN, so we only need the cluster functionality. I know that you can use Linux for clusters but is it possible for 2B1?