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An attempt to consolidate links to the different information channels and task trackers going on out there.

Pencil.png NOTE: The contents of this page are not set in stone, and are subject to change!

This page is a draft in active flux ...
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Getting help

  • You can probably find an answer to your question or information on how to fix your problem yourself. (insert how-to here, possibly based on Help chat)
  • List specific forums
  • List specific mailing lists (community-support)
  • Contact

Official announcements

Common interests

  • Participate to get started
  • Emulation to get the XO's software running on your own (non-XO) computer
  • Pootle for translators
  • Content for authors, artists, musicians, film-makers...
  • Educators for teachers
  • Developers program if you're interested in getting a loaner machine for development work that requires hardware access. (Note: most people don't need hardware access.)

General discussion

  • IRC - realtime chat. Good for conversations, meetings, and short snippets of quick help.
  • Mailing lists] - announcements and interest groups spanning various technical, geographical, and content domains.

Task trackers

  • Trac - where tickets for the core system reside; people can also apply for project hosting here.
  • [1] - internal discussion, non-public information
  • Pootle for translators
  • RT - Request Tracker, intended for support queries from end users.
  • OLPC dev faq - new, intended for a community-maintained FAQ and helpdesk for developers.