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Test 1: Wireless Internet access

For this test you need a wireless access point set up and running. You should know the SSID of the access point and a password, if any. If your access point is password-protected, you should also know whether your access point is setup to operate in the 'Open System' or 'Shared Key" mode.

  1. After booting the laptop go to the Neighborhood View (press Ctrl+Alt+Neighborhood, the Neighborhood view key is Mesh key f1 small.png, the 3rd key from the left on the top row)
  2. Click on the Circle that represents your wireless access point. If the wireless encription key is required, the prompt will appear, requiring you to enter the password. Please be very careful to choose the correct Key Type and Authentication Type! After clicking on "OK", wait until the circle stops blinking. Hover over that circle and see that the laptop is connected to your access point. You can also check it from anywhere using the Frame (move cursor to a screen corner, or press the Frame key) - hover over the circle in the bottom right of the frame, near the battery and speaker indicator.
  3. Click on Browse and Browse the internet to make sure you have a good connection, or
  4. In the Terminal Activity or a Console, wget a well-known page. (Example:
  5. Go to this wiki page: Wireless Access Point Compatibility and enter your test results. Please specify your contact email (without using the @ sign), your XO's serial number (seen in "About your XO"), and the manufacturer and type of your access point.

Test 2: Favorite Activity

Does your favorite activity install and run on official-os860?

Test 3: Crashes and Hangs

Can you get official-os860 to crash or hang?

(Ask around on our IRC channels (specifically #olpc or #olpc-devel) for some hints on where and how to look...)