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  1. Downgrade to last stable build (if necessary). Autoreinstallation_image (directions for downgrading near bottom of page)
  2. Open and do a few things in each activity.
  3. For each activity entry:
    1. Resume the activity from the journal.
    2. Make a change or two.
    3. Press keep.
    4. Change another thing or two.
    5. Close the activity.
    • Special Cases
      • Etoys
      1. Draw a picture and save it.
      2. Resume that picture, alter it, and save it again.
      • Chat
      1. Open and type two lines.
      2. Resume in
      • Connect
      1. Just open and resume once, as keep is not an option.
      • Watch and listen.
      1. Just open and resume once.
      • TamTam
      1. If older version, do steps above for each of the three internal activities.
      • Record
      1. Save a video, picture and audio recording. (there is no pure audio for 542)
      2. Copy the picture to the clipboard and add it to the journal.
      3. Resume the activity once, to see that the video, picture, and audio are all still in the thumbnails.
      4. Resume the picture using browse.
  4. Look through the journal, and make sure that there are 2 entries for each activity.
  5. Shut-down the laptop.
  6. Upgrade to the latest build. Autoreinstallation_image
  7. Resume each of the activity entries from the Journal.
  8. Report any problems encountered. Trac