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You can help support OLPC's mission by contributing time and knowledge or donating money, or by participating in our annual giving campaigns. For the first two years after mass production, we ran an annual "Give 1, Get 1" campaign where for the price of two XOs you could receive one and donate the cost of one to the foundation.

Give 1, Get 1

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Poster child for G1G1 in 2007.

Give 1, Get 1 2007

Original photo. Taken in Abuja, May 2007
The face that launched 100,000 laptops. Arriving at school with a smile.

The 2007 Give 1, Get 1 program (or "G1G1") concluded on 31 December 2007. 85,000 people gave a laptop through this program, donations which helped launch deployments in Haiti, Rwanda, Mongolia, Palestine, and Afghanistan.

The poster child for the campaign was from Nigeria, where we launched one of our first pilots in 2006.

G1G1 2007 has archival info on the 2007 program. During the program, participants who donated USD $399 would cover the cost of one laptop to be distributed by OLPC to one of its least-developed partner countries, and would get 1 to keep, for themselves or for a child in their lives. OLPC also has a static Official FAQ(dead link) on this program.

Give 1, Get 1 2008

The 2008 Give 1, Get 1 campaign ran between November 17 and December 31, 2008. You can still visit laptop.org.org/xo to donate a laptop, but you won't receive one. Close to 10,000 people participated in this program.

For more about the program, see G1G1 2008.


Various media for G1G1 campaigns:

  • Nigerian girl carrying a laptop on her head (at right)
    There are a number of formats and layouts of that print
  • 2008 reprise of the above:
    as a pdf, or as an animated flash
    Also used on limited-run long-sleeve t-shirts
  • The 2008 OLPC Brand videos

User communities

Users of the XO have formed many user groups (some even before the 2007 units arrived). See Regional groups.

When you get your XO, follow the "Help using the XO" link in the side navigation under "About the XO".


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