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Read the 2011-May13 OLPC Rwanda Report
2007 status: green


Rwanda, under the strong conviction of President Paul Kagame, begun efforts to provide each of its 2.5 million children in primary school with his or her own laptop. By the end of April 2016, over 267,000 laptops have been deployed to more than 930 schools accross the country. Rwanda's goal is to truly remake its education system to develop 21st century, aimed at: Learning skills, Technological fluency. OLPC has also set up a regional office in Kigali which aims to serve to provide support in the educational and learning needs of Rwanda and other countries across Africa.



September 2014

The September 2014 report of the Broadband Commission, says “Rwanda has provided each of its 2.5 million Children in primary schools with a laptop.” see article.

In response to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s call ‘to step up efforts to meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) - the Broadband Commission was created in 2010 by the UNESCO and the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies, the ITU - International Telecommunication Union.’


Based on the commitment and enthusiasm of the Rwandan government for the OLPC program, in June of 2009, the OLPC Learning Team, originally located in Cambridge, MA, relocated to Kigali, Rwanda to create the only country headquarters for OLPC, OLPC-Rwanda. This was done in partnership with the Office of his Excellency Paul Kagame, the Ministry of Education and OLPC-Rwanda was originally located in Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST). After a successful pilot project conducted in 2010 in which 10,000 laptops were deployed to 10 schools, urban,semi-urban and rural, the government of Rwanda aimed bigger and by 2011 accomplished a deployment and integration of 100,000 Laptops in more than 121 schools countrywide. The end of 2012 left 210000 laptops in hands of Rwandan children and by April, 2016 there are now over 267,000 laptops in more than 930 schools across the country with a minimum of 2 schools in every administrative sector in Rwanda.

You can follow some of the OLPC team's work on the page for educators, and on the OLPC Rwanda website [1]. You can get the latest information regarding the work done by the Government of Rwanda through the Rwanda Education Board - OLPC team [2].


OLPC-Rwanda team is here to support the Government of Rwanda in this exciting endeavor. Our mission is to help ensure that XO laptops are used in powerful ways to in order to improve the educational conditions of teachers, children, schools and communities in Rwanda. OLPC-Rwanda aims to work on providing support to the government towards the building of educational conditions for teachers, children, schools in general and communities through the use of the XO.

The Rwanda Education Board Team

  • Kimenyi .N. Eric, OLPC National Coordinator
  • Murebwayire Aline, Administration Manager
  • Rwisereka Alphonse, OLPC Trainer
  • Sibomana Aimable, OLPC Trainer
  • Ingabire Justine, OLPC Trainer
  • Umutoni Irene, OLPC Trainer
  • Kanizio Caritas, OLPC Trainer
  • Ndayisaba Innocent, OLPC Trainer
  • Bukeye Emmanuel, OLPC Trainer
  • Nyaruhima Gilbert, OLPC Trainer
  • Niyonsenga Pascal, OLPC Trainer
  • Usenga Jeanne, OLPC Trainer
  • Nkurunziza Jean de Dieu, OLPC Trainer
  • Irabaheta Melise, OLPC Trainer
  • Ntashamaje Emmanuel, OLPC Trainer
  • Abindekwe Ngarambe Celestine, Learning Facilitator

The OLPC local team

  • Desire Rwagaju, Learning Development Officer,
  • Jimmy Intwali, Learning Development Officer,

Current Activities

OLPC-Rwanda's main focus is to support the Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) and Rwanda Education Board(REB)as they run this project. Since 2009 much of our work has focused on support the government initiatives. Since 2011 the development of local capacity has been the focus as well as work directly with children providing them with powerful ways to use their laptops both inside and outside of school time.

OLPC-Rwanda Key Learning Actions*
Time Action Description Goals Location
May 2015 International Scratch Day Together with REB, conducted the International Scratch Day To encourage Rwandan children in showcasing their skills to other Rwandan students and Scratchers worldwide, To build collaborative networks between Rwandan children and the rest of the world OLPC Corner, Kigali Public Library, Rwanda
May 2013 International scratch day Together with REB, conducted the international scratch day To encourage Rwandan children in sharing their skills worldwide, To initiate collaboration between Rwanda children and the rest of the world OLPC Corner,Kigali Public Library, Rwanda
January 2013 - on-going Regional Support Provided an introductory training to a pilot project in Kenya To introduce basic XO skills to children in a pilot project Bura Tana, Kenya
September 2012 - on-going Regional Support Provided introductory information to Burundi To introduce to the government of Burundi on OLPC philosophy and Mission Bujumbura, Burundi
June 2012 - on-going Sugar Localization Translated more than 10000 words in kinyarwanda To localize the Kinyarwanda language on Pootle OLPCA Offices, Kigari-Rwanda
December 2012 Regional Support Provided a comprehensive training in South Africa To introduce OLPC philosophy; to introduce basic XO troubleshooting skills, Share the experience and lessons learnt from Rwanda deployments Johannesburg, SA
December 2012 High School Internship Program Provided a one months internship program to high school students To introduce them on OLPC philosophy; to acquire basic XO troubleshooting skills, To introduce them to Sugar Platform Kigali, OLPCA offices.
November 2012 Private school support Provided a one months training to both students and teachers on using an XO laptop as a tool for acquiring information. To acquit Teachers on how the XO laptops can be integrated in classroom; to help children understand the learn by doing concept through the project based learning (Children worked around situations in their neighborhood such as mapping their school, designing rain water collection points in their school and neighborhood) Ahazaza private school, Muhanga, Southern Province.
June 2012 Volunteering Activity Monitored a Volunteering Activity done by Agahozo Shalom Youth Village OLPC trainees To train Children and teachers on the use of XO laptops, Basic troubleshooting of XO laptops (They managed to unlock more than 3000 XO laptops all over the country) All Provinces of Rwanda.
June 2012 High School volunteers Training Trained and certified 56 graduates of Agahozo Shalom Youth Village As part of capacity building, OLPCA trained the children survivor of the 1994 Tutsi genocide who were graduating from high school. They have been trained on basic use of XO Laptops, conducting project based learning activities with kids, work with teacher in Lesson plans implementation, basic troubleshooting and maintenance of XOs etc. Agahozo Shaloom Youth Village, Rwamagana Distric, Eastern Province of Rwanda.
September 2011 Lesson Development Workshop Worked with the OLPC-MINEDUC team to create lesson plans Together with the learning team at the Ministry of Education, developed a strong base in learning in order to begin the process of lesson plan creation based on the newly revised Rwandan curriculum Ministry of Education, OLPC Rwanda offices, Kacyiru, Kigali
May 2011 International Scratch Day Supported local students in a student-run Scratch workshop for the community Show the capacity of children to teach their peers, teachers, parents and community OLPC Rwanda offices, Kacyiru, Kigali
April 2011 Scratch Workshop Working with kids on how to use scratch Help kids better understand programming skills using scratch OLPC Rwanda offices, Kacyiru, Kigali
April 2011 In-field support Work with MINEDUC to supervise teacher trainings, work with MINEDUC on technical side To evaluate the outcome of the trainings and get feedback from teachers Countrywide
April 2011 Technical Workshop Working with kids from Nonko Primary School on how to solve XO technical problems Help kids learn how to solve technical normal problems(troubleshooting) OLPC Rwanda offices, Kacyiru, Kigali
March 2011 In-field support Support new OLPC trainers at schools Help guide and support trainers to ensure the best work with teachers Countrywide
March 2011 Trainer Preparation Workshop Prepare new OLPC trainers to work with teachers Create informational and mock training sessions to prepare new OLPC trainers Ministry of Education, Kigali
March 2011 Community Awareness Guide Worked with MINEDUC to create a plan and guide for community awareness to prepare OLPC trainers to aware the community about the project Ministry of Education, Kigali
March 2011 Social School Mapping Project Work with students to do a holistic demographic analysis of their class, school and community Students use math in meaningful ways EPAK Primary school, Kimhurhura, Kigali
February 2011 Grandmother Legend Project Work with students to collect Rwandans legends that will be put online to share and dialog with other students around the world students learn more about their history and culture ESCAF Primary school, Nyamirambo, Kigali
15th November –January 4th 2010 OLE Curriculum Workshop a workshop aimed to develop content related to the Rwandan curriculum which will be loaded to school servers and accessed by students through an activity called Learn developed in Nepal Development of content and lessons by local stakeholders that will be used in schools to support the current Rwandan curriculum Remera Primary school, Remera, Kigali
6th -11th December 2010 Documentary Camp students from 4 different primary schools have to create a documentary about "A Day in the[ir] Life" For students to creatively express a day in their life by using the XO laptop OLPC Rwanda offices, Kacyiru, Kigali
20-28 October 2010 1st African Education Expo Education stakeholders from across Africa to meet and share work with guests including the Education Ministers of both Rwanda & Uganda to spread the work of OLPC in Rwanda, the OLPC-Rwanda booth placed 2nd in a competition for best booth KIST, Kiyovu, Kigali
3rd September 22 October 2010 Technical Teacher Training Train teachers to diagnose and fix technical problems on the laptops create sustainability for the project at the school-level Kagugu Primary School
July 5th-9th 2010 Champion Teacher Training Train 300 teachers and headmasters from upcoming deployment schools create one champion teacher that can bring information about the XO laptop and OLPC to their school Remera, Kigali, Rwanda
May 2010 Music and game programming Clubs Conducted by Intwali Jimmy, Adrien & Jean Claude Students worked with OLPC-Rwanda and students from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) to develop music and games, after CMU students left the work continued by OLPC-Rwanda in a club format The main purpose of the work was to give to near of 120 kids of the Nonko School the opportunity to work in areas like performing arts, programming and music using the XO laptop, in order to give the children the possibility to understand a way to use the laptop to increase their creativity on those fields Nonko Primary School
4th Jun -7th July Technical Teacher Training Work with three teachers to develop technical capacity The purpose of the training was give to the teacher of the ESCAF school the right tools to deal with basic troubleshooting of the Sugar environment as well as instruction on the basics of parts replacement of the XO. ESCAF Primary School
1st April 13th- , 4th July 2010 Technical Teacher Training Prepare teachers for laptop use in the classroom This training has the purpose of bring to the teachers ideas on integration of the XO in teaching activities. As we know, the XO is not a vehicle of contents, is a vehicle of ideas and possibilities to explore creativity. This sessions has the purpose of promote that kind of ideas as well as show to the teachers specific ideas on how to use the laptops in the classroom. Kagugu & Nonko Primary School
5th-16th March 2010 Malaria Camp students developed their own projects about Malaria. The school decided to hold an event in honor of World Malaria day, April 25th, to show their best projects. This camp has been a great success, the great projects developed by students using Etoys book, or programmed dialogue using Scratch , have been shared within students and community around school on World Malaria Day, April 25th . The student projects were talking about what is Malaria, its causative agent ( mosquito),most susceptible individual in the community, transmission mode, prevention, Mythology about Malaria, as well as efficient treatment. During the camp , the student have been very creative, researching about Malaria, trying to understand why not all mosquito causing malaria, and why only mosquito bed net should be used during the night while sleeping not the during the day. Mythology about were very important projects developed by kids, because they grown up with different thought about this devastating diseases. Kagugu & Nonko, Rwamagana Primary Schools
February 2010 Basic Training on the XO use for Rwamagana School Conducted by Julia REYNOLDS Training focused on the basic use of hardware and software of the XO for at least 13 teachers of the mentioned schools. This training has the purpose of bring to the teachers ideas on integration of the XO in teaching activities. As we know, the XO is not a vehicle of contents, is a vehicle of ideas and possibilities to explore creativity. This sessions has the purpose of promote that kind of ideas as well as show to the teachers specific ideas on how to use the laptops in the classroom. Rwamagana Primary School
April 2010 Basic Training on the XO use for Kagugu, ESCAF and Nonko Schools Conducted by Melissa Henriquez, Jimmy and Desire, Training focused on the basic use of hardware and software of the XO for at least 14 teachers from Kagugu , 13 teachers from Nonko, 11 teachers from ESACF. This training has the purpose of bring to the teachers ideas on integration of the XO in teaching activities. As we know, the XO is not a vehicle of contents, is a vehicle of ideas and possibilities to explore creativity. This sessions has the purpose of promote that kind of ideas as well as show to the teachers specific ideas on how to use the laptops in the classroom. Kagugu, Kagugu, Nonko Primary School

Future Plans

After the deployment of more than fifty thousand laptops all over the country,the future plan is basically to train the teachers the teachers of the schools that received laptops and children in those schools.

Next in line for deployment

Suggestions: The town of Mayange, one of the Millennium Villages.--SvenAERTS 02:07, 29 May 2012 (UTC)


We are eager to create dual-purpose partnerships with local and internal partners whose missions are to enhance Rwandan education, or the lives of teachers & children. OLPC Rwanda currently has partnerships with the following organizations:

  • RENCP Rwanda Education NGO Coordination Platform
    • RENCP’s mandate is to serve as a body for NGO representation, information sharing and coordination. The need for a coordinated NGO community within the education sector in Rwanda was felt by many years ago, but the initiative lacked leadership. The education sector in Rwanda is endowed with many development supporters, including local and international NGOs, donors and multilateral agencies. All of these actors seek to contribute to the development of a quality education system that benefits the Rwandan people.
  • TEVSA [3]
    • TEVSA RWANDA works with students outside of the normal school structure (aged 15-18) who focus on developing specific manual skills. These participants will work alongside other developing community members from KIE, KIST and NUR to develop a grassroots technical team as part of a larger movement to initiate a national Rwanda Linux community. The goal of this community is to eventually become sustainable and to develop local programmers to create local content and activities specifically for the Rwandan context.
  • Kigali Institue of Science & Technology (KIST) [4]
  • Kigali Institue of Education (KIE) [5]
  • National University of Rwanda, Centre for Instructional Technology (NUR/CIT) [6]
  • International Educational Exchange (IEE) [7]
  • Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) [8]
  • Open Learning Exchange (OLE) [9]
  • Search for Common Ground [10]
    • Partnering for a peace-building game for the XO


Lesson Plans from Upcoming Large Scale Teacher Training, March 2011


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About Rwanda

detailed article:OLPC Rwanda/Background

Repubulika y'u Rwanda
République Rwandaise

Republic of Rwanda
Capital Kigali
Official languages Kinyarwanda
Area 26,338 km²
 - 2005 estimate 9,378,226
 - 2002 census 8,128,553
 - Density 320/km²
 - Literacy (%) 70.4
 - Compulsory Years
 - Compulsory Age
 - Pop. in School Age
 - Pop. in School
GDP (PPP) 2005 est. USD 13 billion
 - Per capita USD 1,500
GDP (nominal) 2005 est. USD 2 billion
 - Per capita
HDI  (2004) 0.450 (low)
Gini Index  (1985) 28.9
Time zone CAT (UTC+2)
Internet TLD .rw
Calling code +250
More statistics...

Rwanda, the land of one thousand hills, is known for its natural beauty and warm people, but also a recent past of human tragedy and violence. The country has begun embracing information technology as their main strategy for economic and social development as a part of Rwanda's Vision 2020 -- the long-term country development plan that aims to transform the country into a medium-level income country by 2020. Even before OLPC started their project in the country, bringing computer literacy to primary school students was a goal of their society in order to prepare their country for this new economy. OLPC just added to their effort, the technology needed for operating in Rwanda's limited electrical infrastructure and average primary school size of 1500 students and expertise in how to unleash the creativity of the children through the XO.

10,000 XO laptops have been donated through 2007's Give One, Get One program. These laptops were distributed from 2008 through 2009 and are now in the hands of both teachers and students, in use, across the country. At the end of 2010 another 65,000 XO laptops, from the Rwandan government's purchases in 2011-12 up to 210,000 XO laptops were distributed en-masse to schools in every district in Rwanda. Community awareness programs and first phase training activities are now being concluded, and over 200 school servers loaded with interactive digital lessons are being installed at schools at the same time teachers being prepared for their use.

The biggest strength of this project in the country is the in commensurable commitment of the people involved in the laptop initiative. From the Honorable President Paul Kagame, who recently stated their commitment to saturate the school in the country with XOs in the next year. Rwanda is enthusiastic and supportive, of making the initiative a success.

Many languages are spoken in Rwanda, including Kinyarwanda, Swahili, French, and English.

Deployment details

In 2010 the second large-scale deployment of laptops to schools began. This started at the end of 2010 and concluded with more than 150 public schools receiving laptops. Over 60 thousand laptops have now been deployed in those schools. The wiring of schools that received laptops was the first step before the deployment. The training operation is currently run by the Ministry of Education through the Rwanda Education Board countrywide.

Primary Language ,|x|Language spoken::x}}
Number of Laptops Number of manufactured laptops::110000
Keyboard Layout Keyboard::OLPC English Keyboard
Build ,|x|Software release::x}}
Date(s) Arrived in Country ,|x|Has received laptops on date::x}}
School Server ,|x|School server status::x}}
Deployment Status [[Deployment status::2013: 210k = 110K (before 2012) +100k (2012) laptops in country. Before 2012, a batch of 60k was deployed first, then another 50k.

Schools will teach in English, French and Kinyarwanda.

Powerpoint Presentation, Bootstrapping OLPC deployment in Rwanda, from Juliano Bittencourt & Brian Jordan, members of the OLPC Learning Team, who assisted with this large-scale deployment.]]

Primary Language ,|x|Language spoken::x}}
Number of Laptops Number of manufactured laptops::210000
Keyboard Layout Keyboard::OLPC English Keyboard
Build ,|x|Software release::x}}
Date(s) Arrived in Country ,|x|Has received laptops on date::x}}
School Server ,|x|School server status::x}}
Deployment Status [[Deployment status::2013: 210k = 110K (before 2012) +100k (2012) laptops in country. Before 2012, a batch of 60k was deployed first. 100K to be deployed over 12 months

Schools will teach in English, French and Kinyarwanda.]]