Game Jam Boston June 2007 Games

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The Games

Game developers - link to your wikipage if you have one.

Fully working games on the XO in Sugar

  • 3D Pong (Wade Brainerd) -- line-drawn pong with gravity, impacts, and 5-line text config files for making new levels
  • Sprayplay (The Jordan Brothers) -- Crossfire with a range of geometric shapes for pucks and a physics engine
  • Kuku Anakula (Team Kuku) -- a mathmunchers variant + question dictionaries
  • Reversi (Team Noname) -- Reversi with a few interface features
  • Hungry Spacecat
  • Typeblocker -- typing tutor in Flash
  • Sort -- a timed shape/color/texture sorting game

not fully packaged for Sugar

  • Rollin (Team Minuteman)- an incredible machine variant with gravity wells, rotatable platforms, trampolines, and many balls
  • XO Easel - a shape/color/dressup game with different backgrounds. wins award for team with youngest artists.
  • Poblano (Team VKL) - Abalone variant with colorful backgrounds.

not fully working on an XO

  • Labyrinth -- puzzle solving : finding your friend[s] in an outdoor labyrinth
  • Pythagoras -- a pygame framework for Go and no-AI board implementation
  • flTron -- a simple tron implementation; early stages. part of the author teaching himself python

Also played, but not written this weekend: Etoys, Block Party, US Invaders (c/o Noah), Memosono

The Winners:

  • OLPC Award (GDC passes) - SprayPlay (Brian, Eric, and Greg Jordan)
  • XO Award (Developers' Program XO) - Pong3D (Wade Brainerd)
  • Sugar Award (T-shirts, game books, and XKCD posters) - Kuku Anakula (Julius Lucks, Adrian DelMaestro, Sera Young)

Congratulations to all those who participated! If you haven't gotten your prizes yet, email us with your address or the best way to convey physical objects to you, and we'll send them over.

(Some Of) The Teams