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Screenshot of Reversi for the OLPC

Reversi (aka. Othello) is a simple strategy board game, an implementation of which was developed at the OLPC Game Jam by DavidL.


More info on the gameplay can be found on Wikipedia's entry for Reversi.


Completed Features

  • Two player gameplay
  • Text-free chip counts and player identification
  • Valid moves are displayed using dots. This is to help new players.
  • Multiple ways of displaying who the current player is:
    • the current player's id is highlighted
    • the dots which indicate valid moves are colored accordingly
  • Black and white compatible graphics.
  • A chip cup that is displayed on game end. When clicked on, the game is restarted.

Unimplemented features / TODO

  • A bigger cursor. The current/default one is too small and does not match the larger one used in most of Sugar.
  • Custom SVG icon - Reversi icon new.svg
  • Network gameplay
  • AI for single player play
  • Draw-time optimizations, which should help conserve laptop power.
  • Multi-color graphics (for use when the laptop is not in black and white mode)
  • More?


The source code for an XO-compatible version of Reversi that was developed at the Game Jam can be found at

Patch to work with OLPCGames 1.6:

Index: Reversi.activity/
--- Reversi.activity/        (revision 16)
+++ Reversi.activity/        (working copy)
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-import olpcgames
+from olpcgames import activity

-class ReversiActivity(olpcgames.PyGameActivity):
+class ReversiActivity(activity.PygameActivity):
     """Reversi as a Sugar activity."""

     game_name = 'Reversi'

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