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Global Case Challenge

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In March 2010, the One Laptop per Child Association will be gathering over 300 of the world’s best and brightest young MBA, graduate and undergraduate business minds to develop innovative and effective strategies for leveraging leading-edge technologies to educate and empower the world’s poorest children.

In partnership with the Hult International Business School (formerly the Arthur D. Little School of Management) and TalentCastr, the One Laptop per Child Association will be hosting case competitions in Boston, London, Shanghai and Dubai in which teams of students from the world’s top universities and graduate programs develop and present innovative solutions to a business case that is of strategic relevance to the One Laptop per Child Association’s mission of empowering the children of developing countries to learn by providing one connected laptop to every school-age child.

Prior to the event, TalentCastr will be utilizing its automated video interviewing and recruiting platform to identify the best and brightest business minds (top ~10% of applicants to be selected) from over 100 of the world’s top universities and graduate programs to participate in the Boston, London, Shanghai and Dubai events. An illustrative sample of universities and graduate/MBA programs to be represented at the event includes Oxford University, Cambridge University, Harvard University, Stanford University, Hult International Business School, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business (Booth) and the Richard Ivey School of Business.

Q - What is the Case about?
A - OLPC is currently at a tipping point in their business with thousands of new computer orders coming in every day. They have been successfull in emerging and developed nations alike all across the world. They have also had some challenges along the way. The case will review some of their challenges and discuss key factors that have led to their success.
Q - How many rounds is the Case Competition?
A - There will be 2 rounds. The first rounds will be held regionally with the Global Champion being announced there after.
Q - What are the selection criteria for the event?
A - Resume, work experience, case experience and possible follow up essay.
Q - Who will judge the case?
A - Judges for the events will include Members of the OLPC Board of Directors, Industry Practioners and Consultants. A guest Celebrity judge is also penciled in.
Q - Who pays for my travel to one of the 4 cities in the regional round?
A - All travel expenses and accomodations will be the reponsibility of the applicant. Grants may be available in special circumstances.
Q - What expectations will the judges have for my team? And what competition structure will we be working under (e.g. # of powerpoint slides, length of presentation, etc)
A - Teams will be judged on criteria such as: feasibility, time-line, success indicators and various other variables. Innovative but realistic concepts should be offered. Teams will be required to prepare 5-7 Power Point slides and be prepared to give a 10-12 minute presentation outlining their strategy.

Q - Who is eligible to apply for GCC?
A - Any college student.
Q - I am a recent graduate. Am I eligible?
A - If you are currently enrolled or are associated with a college or university you may apply. If there is any question as to your eligibility please email
Q - I am applying for graduate school now. Am I eligible?
A - Yes.
Q - I have applied for graduate school but am waiting to be notified. Am I eligible?
A - Yes.
Q - Are all team members required to speak English fluently?
A - No, however presentations will be expected to be given in English so someone on the team should be fluent in both verbal and written English.

Q - When does the application process close?

A - Applications will be accepted until March 1, 2010. Case by case applications will be reviewed thereafter.

Q - When will my team be notified if we are selected to participate?
A - Applications will be approved on a rolling basis. Final invites will be sent on March 2, 2010.
Q - Can my team consist of students from multiple universities?
A - Yes.
Q - Can my team register for any GCC location?
A - Yes.
Q - How much is the application fee and it is refundable if my team is not selected to compete?
A - It is free to apply, however you will have to pay a $50 per team participation fee. This fee will be used to cover the cost of breakfast and lunch.
Q - How does the video submission work? Do I do that before I participate in the first round in one of the 4 cities?
A - Video submission is handled on a "on-demand" basis. Should there be a need to submit a video response via you will be notified via email.


Q - Where will the GCC be held?
A - GCC Dubai will be held at the Hult International Business School in Academic City, Dubai.
Q - Where can I find accommodation in this GCC location?
A - Accomodations can be made by visiting:
Q - Do I need a visa for this GCC location?
A - If you are not a resident of the region, than you will be responsible for obtaining a Visa.
Q - What date will the final round take place?
A - The final round will be a competition between the regional champions. The winner will be announced at the culmination of the GCC - Boston event.


Q - Where will the GCC be held?
A - Hult International Business School in Cambridge, MA.
Q - Where can I find accommodation in this GCC location?
A - Accomodations can be made anywhere in Boston or Cambridge. Hult IBS is located across from the Galeria Mall in Cambridge, MA
Q - Do I need a visa for this GCC location?
A - If you are traveling in from outside the US you will need a Visa and are responosible for getting one.


Q - When and Where will the GCC be held?
A - The GCC London will be held on March 13, 2010 at Imperial College.
Q - Where can I find accommodation in this GCC location?
A - Accomodations can be made by visiting
Q - How much does it cost to apply and participate?
A - There is no fee to apply or to participate. All registration fees will be sponsored by Please thank them.


Q - Where will the GCC be held?
A - GCC - Shanghai will be handled exclusively through on-line video submission via
Q - Do I still need to apply?
A - Yes, the process is the same.
Q - How do I know if my team has been selected?
A - You will receive an email with the link to compete via email.