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When: June 7-8, 2008 (10am - 6pm Saturday, 10am - 3pm Sunday)
[followup teleconference Sunday @ 4pm.]
Where: 1 Cambridge Center, Kendall Square, Cambridge MA and online on IRC, #olpc-groups channel (freenode)

In the tradition of Barcamp, we will be holding Grassrootscamp Boston, an unconference dedicated towards community-organized, bottom-up, user-group, grassroots groups, initiatives, events, structures, and best-practices for all of the above.

This is not just an OLPC event, though there will be a practical focus on how to make educational grassroots groups succeed, with examples from OLPC projects in Peru, Nepal, Ghana and Uruguay. Anyone from any grassroots group, or with interest in volunteer-run physical or online organizations, is invited to attend.

There will be coffee and donuts both mornings starting at 9am.

To participate

Just sign up below. Please do sign up! Having a head count of how many people are likely to come is immensely helpful to figure out how many chairs, tables, etc. we need.

Attendance is free as in "no monetary cost,"* and every attendee at an unconference is expected to contribute something to the event. For some people, this means giving a presentation or running a tutorial; for others, ordering 10 large pizzas to feed others during lunch one day is their contribution. For yet others, photographing and liveblogging the event is their chip-in, and for others... well, you get the idea.


Some notes/transcripts were taken on #olpc-groups. See /saturday notes and /sunday notes.


Please sign up below if you can come, and indicate what you are bringing!


Please bring one of the following:

  • Drinks
  • Ideas
  • Presentations/tutorials

Related events

If you can't come to the grassroots bootcamp here, there are other events you might be interested in coming up over the next 3 months.

  • Open Community Camp - in the Netherlands, August 10-17
  • iCommons, in Sapporo, Japan, early July
  • Online grassroots conference, hosted by OLPC@Duke