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Project Name Short name::Haiti Course Guide
Project Description [[Description::3 months of lesson plans for schools in Haiti

This course was developed for schools in Haiti using HaitiOS.

English guide available here: Media:Haiti Course Guide.doc media:Haiti Course Guide.pdf Kreyol translation available here: Media:KreyolHaitiCourseGuide.odt Media:KreyolLessons.pdf

The goal is to lay out how kids will progress with the computers over three months, assuming class meets twice a week for two hours. Each week, they complete a project to demonstrate what they've learned.

The twelve weeks are divided into four sections that each last three weeks: Base, Explore, Extend, and Create. Classes move from more structure to less as the kids become more comfortable with the computers. Midway through the course, the kids choose their specialty: either Art, Music, or Science. Through the rest of the course they work in small groups on projects related to that specialty. The last three weeks are dedicated to completing a final project.

The guide has been distributed to 8 schools in Haiti. Teachers have been trained and classes will be starting soon using these new lessons. Follow their progress on the following blogs: http://blog.unleashkids.org http://haitidreams.org http://projectrive.wordpress.com http://ferrierschool.org/blog/]]

Contact Person [[Contact person::Sora]]
Participants Participant::Adam Holt, Bill Stelzer, Nick Doiron
Available languages Available languages::English and Haitian Creole for now; French translation needed!
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Last Updated Last updated::2014/01/26
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More specifics on the program:

In the Base weeks, the kids are introduced to the computers. They master the essentials by working with Activities like Record, Paint, and Chat.

In the Explore weeks, the kids get to try out tools the computers offer for drawing, music, and research. Each week is dedicated to exploring one of the three.

In the Extend weeks, the kids work on material specific to their specialty (Art, Music, or Research) in small groups while also collaborating with the rest of the class on projects such as making a newspaper. The final week invites guest teachers such as electricians or professional musicians to share their expertise with the kids.

In the Create weeks, the kids prepare a final project to demonstrate all that they have learned over the course.

FUTURE: more advanced lessons will be integrated with http://internet-in-a-box.org perhaps including videos such as these: http://mapmeld.appspot.com/khan_categories.html