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Basic wiki markup is so easy that you have no excuse not to use it. It's pretty similar to what you use in text-only email.

Hacer una nueva página

* Vaya a una página que no existe, por ejemplo, </ nowiki>. El wiki permite crear una nueva página''Como por arte de magia''(TM). 
 * Editar una página existente para agregar un enlace <nowiki> [[My New Page]] </ nowiki>. Guarde la página editada y haga clic en el nuevo enlace. 

 Para cambiar el nombre de la página de nueva creación de "Mi nueva página, haga clic en la ficha circular y" mover "la página a un nuevo título.

==Paragraph formatting==
* Single newlines are ignored.
* Blank lines start a new paragraph.
* Lines that start with one or more spaces are displayed.
  like this

==Basic links==
* Use brackets to link to other wiki pages <nowiki>[[Some Random Page]]
  • If you wish to show other text instead of the page name [[Some Random Page|text you want to display]]
  • External URLs are linked automatically:

#REDIRECT name of the target page


  • Lines beginning with one or more * characters are unnumbered lists
  1. Use # characters for numbered lists.
    1. Go deeper with more #'s or *'s
  • Use newlines to start a new list
    • Example


  • Text like ==A Section== is a section heading. They automatically appear in the Contents box.
  • Use more = characters for subsections.

Lousy Memory?

  • If this is too hard to remember, just use the pretty buttons at the top of the editing box.
    • One advantage of logging in, instead of editing anonymously, is you get many more pretty buttons
  • The "Editing help" link at the bottom of the editing page tells of more options.