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Stop hand.png WARNING:
The content of this section is considered
It is preserved for historical or documenting reasons.
This page is deprecated. Use the the Sugar Wiki Activities/Help/Contribute to coordinate new work.


Based on the work done last year, a new Help activity was created.

Now we need update the content for newer develpment done, this page is a list of important pending issues.

The repository with the content is here

Anybody interested in help can send a mail to sugar-devel mailing list or to gonzalo at laptop dot org

While the content is stored in rst format, you can send updates in text format, or the images to be updated.


First version of Help activity with this content is 16.

You can download it from

Testing now

The source of Activity Help has been modified so that the version of Help in the link below includes a self-installing, fully user editable form of Help.

When you:

git clone

you will get the help activity _with_ the sources included.

You can install it in your development environment doing:

cd mainline
./ dev

(if you have the activity already installed, uninstall it first)

Now you can modify any .rst file in source directory or the images in the images directory, and to create the html files, you only need do:

make html
  • In Sugar

You don’t need to restart the activity to see the changes, can do click with the secondary button, and select reload.

  • In any other Linux environment

The output of make html is in /mainline/html, and is opened by opening index.html in a browser, it is easy to see the changes as you work.


This section updated Novmber 2013. Contributors might note their work-in-progress on Talk:Help Activity refresh/0.98 to help avoid avoid duplication.

  • Update Record screenshots and text.
  • Update Write screenshots and text.
  • Update Memorize screenshots and text.
  • Update Paint screenshots and text.
  • source/frame.rst:TODO: 3 ways? there are 2 here
  • source/give_me_the_internet.rst:TODO: Picture_49.png need a new screen shot for the new mesh network
  • source/hardware_evolution.rst:TODO: Add xo-4 info
  • source/keyboard.rst:TODO: <We should have a picture of 1.5 rather than 1.0>
  • source/starting_the_xo.rst:TODO: < we need a screen shot of the go to sleep image >
  • source/starting_the_xo.rst:TODO: < we need a screen shot of the stop sign image >
  • source/write.rst:TODO: write screenshot is wrong
  • Calculate screenshot is wrong!
  • In "Journal" page, we need replace the image and text showing how copy to a device doing drag and drop,

(because do not work anymore) and add the information about copy using the Copy to menu in the palette.No longer needed d&d fixed


Screenshots should not be more than 800px width

About rst format

The rst format is easy to create and we are using a part of it only:


This is a main title
This is a secondary title
This is a 3rdh level title


Links like are automatically created.

To create links where the text displayed in the page is different to the link you should do:

You will find `ASLO <>`_ here.

.. _Activities repository:

This occupies 3 lines, a line of white space is required above between the link, and the "reference".

To link to another page in Help:

this page contains more about terms and words used in sugar: 


Lists are simple

* First item
* Second item
* Last item

or numbered:

1. One item
2. Another item
3. The last one


A image can be included doing:

.. image :: ../images/image_file_name

Icons and small images

|iconNhd| This is the sharing option.

.. |iconNhd| image:: ../images/Neighborhood_key_sml.png

More complete help:

Why rst format

Is a valid question. There are a lot of formats, and everybody have pros and cons. rst format is really easy, and there are tools to create html, pdf and epub files.

About Sphinx

Sphinx is used to create the index and generate html.

Is possible generate html, epub files [1], and pdf files too (but Ihave a problem in my system to do it, right now)

There are options to use different themes [2] and have support to i18n [3].

If you download the content repository (

can create html output doing:

make html

and a epub file doing:

make epub

More information