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OS Version

We're primarily documenting OS 11.3.0 / build 883 / Sugar 0.94.

Status of Work

  • Empty
  • Draft
  • Review
  • Final

(0) Introduction (Christoph, Holt)

(1) Hardware (George, Sameer)

(2) Core Software (Christoph)

(3) Activities (Walter)

  • Activity Sampler [D] with 2~3 sentence summaries for as many Activities as possible (also to be used for w.s.o, git, etc.)
    • suggestion: taking current descriptions from ASLO (Ed?)

(4) Network (George)

(5) Support (Holt, Nancie)

(x) Appendices


Topics with nobody confirmed responsible:

  • eToys -> MAYBE Cherry Withers
  • Labyrinth (Fernando Comenzana /Uruguay)
  • ... (?)
  • BE Quizzes ( Elise Moussa)