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Welcome to the OLPC Sandbox! This page allows you to carry out experiments. To edit, click here or edit this page above (or the views section for obscure browsers), make your changes and click the Save page button when finished. Content will not stay permanently; this page is automatically cleaned every 12 hours.

Please do not place copyrighted, offensive, slanderous, or libelous content in the sandbox(es).

But where is the cleaning? --sj

ollld deletion discussion

Are you talking about deleting Talk:Sandbox or Sandbox itself?

I feel that the Sandbox is a useful facility where people can try out the editing system without disrupting any other page. It may be even more useful in the future if other facilities (such as Logo) are made possible within the wiki.

The page Talk:Sandbox may be surplus, yet as every other page has a Talk: page, what is the reason for the request for deleting Talk:Sandbox? I suppose that as the Sandbox is just for having a go with the facilities then a Talk:Sandbox page may seem superfluous, yet by deleting Talk:Sandbox the Sandbox is being made into a non-typical page, whereas part of the idea of the Sandbox is that it is a typical page.

However, the contents of the Sandbox and of Talk:Sandbox can be altered and deleted during tests, that is part of the idea of the Sandbox, namely that it does not matter if the contents of the Sandbox are lost: it is a Sandbox because things can be tried there without damaging the important content of the wiki.

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