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A Wifi Hotspot is a wireless connection to the internet. The XO can connect to two types of hotspots: 802.11b or 802.11g, also known as Wireless G. The XO can connect to any hotspot, even secure hotspots if the passwords are available.

Private Hotspots

Private Hotspots are located in homes or businesses, and may be secured by either a password/passphrase or by individual computer MAC Address.

Public Hotspots

Public hotspots are often located in libraries, schools, malls, and even some hospitals, businesses and homes. These hotspots are free and open to the public.

Commercial Hotspots

Commercial hotspots are hotspots that either require a fee or are available only to clients of the establishment. Many hotels and restaurants now have hotspots free of charge to the customers, and some have this service available for a small fee. Most airports have hotspot access available for a fee.

Some commercial enterprises that have hotspot access are:

  • T-Mobile - One Year Free Access for G1G1 Donors
  • Boingo - Subscription or Pay per Use
  • AT&T - Free for AT&T DSL or U-Verse Customers
  • McDonalds - Pay per use