How To Treat Your Teachers As The True Professionals They Are

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  • Respect the teachers' time. Start on time. End on time. Don't waste time. Have everything ready when they arrive.
  • If you cannot provide release-time for training, find some way to compensate the teachers for their time. A small stipend or the reward of a small item for their XO such as a usb drive or viewfinder, or a special t-shirt, or something else they will enjoy and can use will help them know you care about them and are glad they are giving up their valuable personal time.
  • Prepare the training location in advance. Be sure there is adequate seating, light, heat (if needed), shade (if outside in warm weather), etc.
  • If appropriate for your particular training plan, include games to re-enforce learning and award small prizes for the winners. If you do this, have lots of prizes and try to see that everyone has a chance to win.
  • Have coffee, tea, or juice and, perhaps some cookies or fruit for them when they arrive to register for the training. Replenish these and have them available throughout the training. They do not have to be costly. Simple, local treats, attractively presented will show the teachers that you believe they are important. If your budget allows, provide a simple lunch. If not, ask them in advance to bring their lunch and provide at least some coffee, tea, juice, and water. Try to make lunch a time for discussing what they have learned so far and or what they have learned about using the XO and Sugar with their students.
  • Use collaborative learning whenever possible, asking teachers to share their professional expertise with each other as they complete tasks.
  • Provide short break times throughout and/or encourage teachers to take care of their personal needs whenever they need to. Be sure they know the location of the restrooms and any other needed facilities.
  • Present certificates upon completion of training. Make them look impressive.
  • Have the participants complete an evaluation when finished. Ask such things as: What 3 things did you like best about the workshop? What would you add next time? What could be improved? etc.