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settle on something we can use

  • Gmail, Gdocs
  • MediaWiki editing
  • Write
    • Showing off

regression test interfaces

Tinderbox additions
graphical hook for this & the wiki
testing within an activity, and with the rest of the system

network interfaces

mesh view
networking access view

supported web interfaces

developing web apps / interfaces
supporting google gears


'Desktop' metaphor : out.
'Journal' metaphor : in, needs to be made beautiful
'stop/resume' rather than 'quit/launch'
transparent backups, public parts made available to the network
available through http:// ...
social networks : visualized in mesh view

exhibit interfaces

presenting a graphical overview of collections and materials
spreadsheet environment for editing (cf dan bricklin)

search interfaces

journal search, web search

journal/filesystem interfaces

  • coordination with 'search'
  • timeline interface

help wanted

  • make naming easy

user interfaces

design cycles

testing : there is sporadic testing on children in schools, largely subjective.

  • game jam-style testing : groups get together for 2-3 days, and develop something quickly, with children coming to do evaluations/tests at the end
  • country trials do their own tests; we don't yet have charts of their work
  • groups such as UNICEF have their own standards fo testing, not published yet.

help with tests

make dog-fooding easy.

  • develop [versions of] activities that developers will use all the time.
  • develop activities that do daily tasks for devs : irc, email, browsing, writing

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