J8 Summit

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The J8 Summit is an event supported by UNICEF consisting of roughly 90 youth - 10 from each G8 country and 10 from the developing world - who gather before the G8 summit to discuss the issues facing the world's youth. The participants prepare a position paper which they present to the delegates at the G8, and have their own parallel events at the G8 proper.

2007 is the second year the J8 has taken place; during the preliminary week they will spend roughly 15 hours on a bus (no power, no network), and spend time working on research and presentations in a library and on a boat near Heiligendamm. This year the J8 youth will be working on XOs for the duration of the event; while they will have infrequent access to the Internet, they will be collaborating with one another throughout the week, to capture pictures and video for interviews, to write individual stories and reports, and to collaborate on these stories and larger position papers on a wiki.