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Description & Goals


Joke Machine allows XO users to start a multimedia jokebook with images and sound effects and invite others to read their jokes via the mesh. Friends can also submit their own jokes to a shared jokebook. The jokebook author can edit and reject all submissions.

Children love to hear and tell jokes. This activity helps with reading, writing and cultural learning. Each culture has its own jokes which reflect a unique world perspective.

This is a WorldWideWorkshop project - see the WorldWideWorkshop wiki page.

Beta 1.4 Features:

  • Ability to create a jokebook with a title (i.e. Knock Knock jokes) and cover image.
  • Each joke entry is composed of text-based question and answer, and an optional image and sound to accompany it.
  • Images can be imported and should be dynamically resized to fit a specified display area in the jokebook page.
  • Interface for creating and editing original jokebooks (title, cover image, sound effect, text for jokes, optional image for each joke.)
  • Ability to preview the jokebook and make further edits before publishing
  • Ability to delete a jokebook
  • Interface for selecting and reading jokebooks.
  • Joke sets stored in the Data Store and accessible via the Journal.
  • Integrated Language Chooser feature; currently contains an Afrikaans translation
  • Integrated Lesson Plan feature (same format as in Poll Builder)
  • Jokebooks can be shared with other XO users over the mesh.
  • During the sharing process, users can submit jokes for one another’s jokebooks
  • Detects and includes the name of the remote user who contributed a joke.
  • Alert messages for when joke submitted and approved over mesh; also one advising patience when joining a shared jokebook
  • A jokebook author can delete or edit any submissions they receive.
  • While a jokebook is being shared, users can submit new jokes for it from their XOs.
  • Author’s XO will be updated with joke submissions during the shared activity.
  • If you disconnect or close the activity, others cannot submit jokes, but can still see the jokebook as it was when you disconnected.
  • Provide submission interface with text fields for joke question and answer, option to browse journal to find an image file and import it for use on joke display page.
  • Editing Interface for Jokebook author contains a screen for reviewing and approving remote joke submissions.
  • Once approved by author, new joke merged back to onto the Joke set author’s XO. New jokes can be seen by other users next time the jokebook is shared.

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