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Khan Academy videos are being used to supplement clasroom learning in Mexico, Uruguay, and Mongolia among other OLPC deployments.

A project is starting to come together around developing and maintaining an offline package for the XS school server that presents and organizes KA videos.

Getting and playing videos

KA web app

The web app, and an offline version
The Google Code site for the app
A Windows-only offline server with scripts that let you pull down sets of videos. (Linux port needed!)

Downloading videos

There are various options for downloading videos, including via the offline Web app above.

Other online players
Skoool is developing an online KA video player


Existing translation efforts
A list of subtitled and dubbed languages
Ways to help translate
A summary of the process including how to real-time update their subtitles, and how to sign up to become a dubber
Suggestions for how to help and a translator's reference


If you are interested in helping out with this project, please add your name below. You may also want to join the schoolserver mailing list.

from recent email

On testing out a schoolserver

> we're working on setting up KA in Oceania.
> will let you know how it works out

On translations and KA pilots

> Neil can probably chime in about the translation 
> of KA videos since he did that in Mongolia. They have
> certain guidelines, but they are not strict.
> Agami, who I mailed you about earlier, wants to do a pilot with their
> KA videos and measure the success of it. They will probably then
> report to KA since they have a working relationship with them. If they
> partner with OLPC, they can probably join and contribute to that
> project.
> L.