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Welcome-Bienvenue to the starting page for OLPC activities in Haiti !

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 Country Information
 ISO Country Code HT
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 Government Support Sponsored Trials
 Deployment Demonstration (under 50 machines)
 Keyboard Layout US and Kreyòl/French Layouts
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... and thanks for visiting the "OLPC" related Wiki-Pages, for the One Laptop Per Child Universal Primary Education project for Haiti. This website is a collaborative website in which you can create a login and then edit and add the pages. This tool is made available by the One Laptop Per Child not for profit. This is an "Open Community" project, similar to the Wikipedia, wikibooks and Open Source Community projects, like Linux, OpenOffice, etc. and it is working along Agenda 21 and Millennium Development Goal nr.2: Bringing Universal Primary Education. To edit text on this page or add pages, log in and and "edit page / save page" button will appear.

Haiti24 1.jpg

The aim of this educational project, is on one hand to bring Universal Primary Education by 2015 as - anno year 2000 initiated - United Nations Millennium Development Goal nr.2. On the other hand, OLPC's mission is to manage the open hard and software project, to bring forward the best possible laptop combination for education: the XO-XServer combination. For this and above approach, - and also a lot of lobbying by the right persons on the right places and time - the United Nations is a Partner in this Open Community project! It is the largest educational project undertaken by Humanity ever, and deemed by many as one of the most inspiring projects out there. 2008, saw the first countries with a 100% roll out to all of their kids aged 5 till 15: Peru, Uruguay. Several Island States have a 100% deployment too; Rwanda, Australia, Cameroon are following at fast pace too. Every XO can load over 100 ebooks on its memory and has a choice of over 86.000 eBooks available, as well as many (educational) games, all education disciplines covered, etc. etc.. things are moving fast indeed.


Haiti is a very multi-cultural society with a very diverse diaspora. We hope that this diaspora will work their way to these pages and that society in Haiti will benefit from these citizens with one leg in Haiti and another still in their countries of origin to develop leadership for OLPC, Agenda 21, the MDG's and accelerate bringing the level that our planet can be a nice place for all humans to new and inspiring heights for generations to come.

The vast majority of XOs in Haiti originate from a 2008 pilot program co-financed by the Give One Get One program and the Inter-American Development Bank.<ref>"JawadHaiti Earthquake 2010 (Part One)". Archived from the original. Template:Citation error. http://saigonolpc.wordpress.com/tag/earthquake/. </ref> Since the the 2010 Haiti Earthquake, dozens of smaller pilots and grassroots efforts have continued the implementation of XOs in Haiti. The OLPC map currently lists over 30 deployments in six of the ten geographical departments of Haiti. Major challenges in the deployment of XOs in Haiti include lack of widely available internet and electricity, school damage due to earthquakes, and localization of software and course material to Haitian Creole.

Please feel free to create sub-categories or list or start collaborating, teaming up and expanding our and your projects, existing and new ones in sub-categories and chapters.

Primary Language ,|x|Language spoken::x}}
Number of Laptops Number of manufactured laptops::13700+
Keyboard Layout [[Keyboard::OLPC_French_(ca)(ht)_Keyboard & English/Intl Keyboards]]
Build {{#arraymap:7.1.2 (656), 8.1.0 (703), HaitiOS based on 12.1.0|,|x|Software release::x}}
Date(s) Arrived in Country ,|x|Has received laptops on date::x}}
School Server ,|x|School server status::x}}
Deployment Status [[Deployment status::Target of 13.7K XOs, release 8.1.0 or later.

Actual amount deployed unknown.]]

Deployments and Trials

Sponsor Dates Location Laptops Description
Inter-American Development Bank 2008-2012? Jacmel, Kenscoff, Thomazeau, Lascahobas 13,700 Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) planned a wide trial of 13,200 kids' laptops and 500 teachers' laptops. IDB announced it was contributing $3,000,000; OLPC was to contribute $2,000,000 (10,000 laptops from Give1Get1 + $120,000 in Coordination and Technical Assistance), and SES Global was to donate bandwidth.
Waveplace February 20, 2008 Port-au-Prince 700

See videos and field notes. Laptops used used US keyboards from G1G1 program.

Waveplace June 2009 Petite Rivière Des Nippes 23
Waveplace Spring 2010 Île de la Gonâve, Archaie, Léogâne, Petite-Rivière-de-Nippes 170

24 schools

Port-au-Prince At College Mixte de l'Experience, young school north of Port-au-Prince's airport experimenting with XOs.
Haitian-American Caucus Sept 2011 Croix-des-Bouquets 60 At the Ecole Shalom.
Child in Hand March 2013 Port-au-Prince, Grand-Goâve 60 Child in Hand sponsored deployments at Mission of Hope Intl. in Grand-Goave (map) and the ORAEDH orphanage in PAP (map). Documented @ http://haitidreams.org
Project Rive August 2013 Anse-à-Pitres (Ansapit), SE Haiti on the Dominican Republic border. 10 http://projectrive.wordpress.com
Unleash Kids! 2013 onwards About 10 Haiti schools & orphanages, many in and near Port-au-Prince. (existing laptops) Unleash Kids sends volunteers to Haiti to build resilient electrical/solar/server/content/learning systems for XOs and other computers. December 2014 summary and video.

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