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Wikibooks is an open-source textbook creation project with versions in many languages/

The Activities/G1G1 activity group includes some wikibooks, see Activities/Wikibooks_(8.2).

Existe esse projeto com alguns livros em português que poderiam ser aproveitados. LINK



  • Materials are currently in wikimedia's standard format, including plain text, latex images, pictures, and so on.
  • We may need to write a script to download part of the database of articles for use on the XOs or the school servers.

Curator Info

Group: Wiki texts

Group coordinator: None


Allottable size


Scope Subject coverage is relatively broad.

Completeness Few books are complete -- even basic English texts are frequently composed of empty modules (i.e. modules with section titles have been created but have not had any text filled in).


  • En: 26,000 modules
  • Es: 3000 modules
  • Pt: 5000 modules
  • Ar: 300 modules

Quality generally medium quality writing, in the few instances that books (or chapters) are complete

Freeness standard Wikimedia free licensing

Comments, Tags, and Ratings


School library

How to add

... Generate PDFs (bad!)?

See also

  • WikiBrowse a condensed set of wiki pages served to Browse by a local specialized web server
  • Wikislices a set of wiki pages in HTML format.
  • InfoSlicer is a tool to create a collection from content (such as Wikipedia pages) on the Internet.