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Version 0.2


The code at the end of the Boston Game Jam, 2007. The game commences with a start screen which changes to the game at any key press:

Kuku start REL 0.2.jpg

This screen is meant to explain what the game is about and how to play. The upper line tries to convey the mathematical of nature (this version of) Kuku. The arrow keys in the lower left, and the B2 space bar icon let the kids know how to control the chicken.

The game screen is:

Kuku game REL 0.2.jpg

The chicken can be moved around the grid with the arrow keys, or the keypads to the left and right of the XO screen. Any other key makes the chicken peck at the answer in the current square. Correct answers increase points, and incorrect answers decrease lives. Eating an answer always causes the question in the upper left hand corner and the board answers to change. A life is also taken, and the board is reset, if the timer runs out.

After 3 lives, the losing screen pops up.

Kuku end REL 0.2.jpg

After 5 points are scored, the winning screen pops up.

Kuku win REL 0.2.jpg

The game can be restarted with any key press.