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La main à la pâte is an educational project directed by David Jasmin, who has been in touch with Antonio Battro for a long time, and came to visit OLPC in February 2008. The project is constructionist in nature, and focused on creating and freely materials for teachers and for primary students about science and science education.


We agreed to work on a few specific things:

  1. find some spanish-language materials that can be shared with Peru; get someone from LAMAP directly in touch with the pedagogy team there (underway)
  2. start a wikibooks project with their material on how to teach science in primary school - perhaps focusing on 5-10 topics covered in their publications and making that available in a few languages while an existing educational wiki community (wikiversity + wikibooks, perhaps) builds some structure — a project description, a group with timelines and goals. (Todo: select ~5 topics or chapters) In the meantime, there has been some renewed interest within wikieducator and wikiversity, which is promising]
  3. share some of the work from collaborative projects David has started / organized over the past 10 years. They haven't all been successful, but most were more structured and harder to join than a wiki. all have been intended to be openly-licensed; and David was interested to learn that the current open content communities would /love/ this sort of material.
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