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My idea for the GSoC is mix of the posted GSoC idea of a advanced dictionary, which allows the childreen to learn vocbulary even when they're offline, and TinyLanguage.

The first step is a kind of vocubulary trainer with a database of base vocabulary and images of this vocabs ( I think it's the best to use free image with something like the CreativeCommons license,for example. Vocabs could be extracted from the words activity. So I only need to create a file which connects the words and the pictures). This database contains english, the images and one other language. It also contais a table with the connections between the words, for example the topic of a noun or the tense of a verb. There should be an interface to add easily new languages to the database. But the database has also to be small to fit the limitations of the XO, so that only english and one other language should be installed at once.


This VocabTrainer works like learning with file cards. Every pupil has an own file or entry in a database which records the progress of learning.


Tiny language is a collection of little learning games. The intention of this collection is to give the childreen a feeling for the language.


Triples is a variation of the game pairs or Concentration ( You have to find triples of cards. This triples are composed of a picture, an english word and a word in the mother-tongue of the user.

A sorting game

The user has 15 words and images and has to sort them into 3 categories. The words and images are on cards and the user has to sort them by using drag'n'drop.


Story Ask is a game (game..) where pupil have to judge if a statement is true or false. I would be possible to create drawings with the database and corresponding statements.

More Games

I'm not a teacher, I'm a programmer, so I don't have the experience with teaching. So I would need a mentor who gives me tips in what way you can teach english with games to pupils.

i'm a (beginning) but fairly well researched and creative teacher, but not a programmer..i'm interested in helping to make a little language learner game.. maybe with scratch?
When your experience with this kind of game are so good, it would be fun to code it. I think the interface would be really childreen-friendly because you only could choose "bullshit" or "it's true". And with the database of words and images you could easily generate pictures with correspnding statements.