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Requests for laptops by developers, curators, and generative youth initiatives that haven't yet been able to get machines through the developers program; potential waitlist for future developer machines. To request a laptop here, please

  1. Add a line below with your name, the name of your project or laptop use, and a brief description of what you need
  2. See the developers program process for more details about how to add details about your request.

awards for children's projects

Molecular Frontiers Inquiry prize (shuguang zhang)

orgs and larger groups

orgs waiting for responses to their requests:

3 University of Applied Sciences "FH Joanneum" (via OLPC Austria); for student projects (most likely with a focus on Mesh and networking projects)
4~6 Knowledge Media Research Center (Tübingen, Germany) (via OLPC Austria); for research projects (with a focus on an intercultural comparison wrt digital literacy, content creation, groupware-platform development)
>6 OLPC Austria; for various projects such as Mesh testing/development, X0tv and also for presentation and support of other local efforts by students and universities in Vienna
2 UNIC; for European gropus.
3? CMU; they still don't have them for their class
1 CMU ETC; update to B4 for their soccer game
3 OSU; for a game-dev class.
1 LoC; can return 1 b2.
1 Ground Report, to test their streaming video for Darfur
2 US-Vietnam Foundation needs units to test for E-Learning in Vietnam

The African Rural Schools Foundation would like to be the recipient of 300 laptops for their current school.

We hope the whole country of Uganda will soon qualify for OLPC for all children!

small groups

Todd Kelsey - 10 for local tech groups to have coding jams, a local school
50 - for a school/library in boston to use; through g1g1.
5-10 - developing a framework for collaborative activities (homework, classwork, projects, etc.) 
       among school kids and with the participation of local actors working with the kids ( parents, 
       teachers, educators, librarians, associations, etc.). Region : France, urban area.

other testing

1 - Real (testing in-house)
2 - Kennisnet, for demos at large education shows, kidpedia testing
1 - Don Osborn, localization guru, afrophone specialist
1 - Internet Archive (testing by their childrens books / bookreader grp)
1 - Adir Abraham, for media testing

bundle creators and curators, no requests

1 - ICDL update
1 - codeweavers update (wine)
1 - Martin Walker, Wikipedia 1.0 developer
1 - wikihow development team (Travis Derouin)
1 - KsanaForge team, China
1 - Jamendo, music curation
1 - facebook team
1-2 - SecondlLife team [via Kent Quirk?]
1 - Electronic Arts (separate from Don Osborn, for future development)
1 - SW

groups already using machines

1 - BigUniverse, for their picturebook collection
3 - UNIC, in ny and europe
1 - ETC
1,1- WDL,LoC
2 - C.Ryan

creators and curators

1 - MeshBoard
1 - Sylvain, Jamendo
1 - Domas M?