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Early releases of the OLPC system software, including "ship.2" releases that were installed in G1G1 2007 laptops, included activity bundles that users could install and collections that appeared in the "OLPC Library" in Browse. This was known as library-core.

This library-core was removed from the build for release 8.2.0, see <trac>8029</trac>. Instead,

  • users can install individual new activities and collections from the Internet or a USB flash drive
  • software update can install and update groups of activities and collections over the Internet
  • deployments can customize the release with country-specific materials

2007 sample library release

You can see the content bundles included in our latest build below (look for those marked as core).

Materials in the library should be formatted as collections and added to the Collections page. To nominate a collection for the latest release, please add its details and nominate it by editing the nominations section in OLPC:Featured content.

Anyone can make library materials and libraries for use on the laptop, and there will be different libraries for each country, but we make every effort to include as many featured bundles as we can in our core builds. See also the Library Release Notes for more.

How to contribute

See Creating a collection and Localization for ways to contribute new or translated materials to the library. There is also a list of Library contributors.