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This is a page for finding members of the Translators community. Looking for the old page? See the archives.

Becoming a translator

  1. Check the "Translation communities" section, below, to see if your languages have been added. If not, use the template to add them.
  2. Use the {{User translator}} template on your userpage for each language you can translate to/from using ISO 639-1 codes. This will automatically put you on the roster of translators as well as the roster of translators for that particular language combination
    (ie: "{{User translator|en|es}}" to show you can translate from (en) English into (es) Spanish).

Looking for a translator

If you have content you would like translated, check below to see Category:translators that can help you out. Note that translation communities are listed under the language they are translated from-to, pair, so if your original content is in English and you would like to see people who can translate it into Spanish, you would look in the Category:Translators en-es subcategory.

If the situation were reversed, you would look into the Category:Translators es-en. A bit redundant, but not everybody feels comfortable enough to translate both ways.

Translation communities

If you don't see your language here, add it using the template below.

Language (the name of your language in its own language)

Also known as... (place the word for your language in other languages here)

  • [[:Category:Translators FROM-TO|{{#language:FROM}} → {{#language:TO}}]]

For FROM and TO, use the 2-letter ISO 639-1 language codes. We are using the {{#language:xx}} in order to ensure that we get it right.


Also known as... Inglés


Also known as... Spanish.


Also known as... Greek


Also known as... Korean


Also known as... Japanese


Also known as... Kiswahili


Also known as... Filipino

සිංහල (si)

Also known as... Sinhala

English → සිංහල


Also known as... Chinese


Also known as... Afrikaans


Also known as... Arabic