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This command is run in the standard Linux environment via the Terminal Activity. The GUI will probably not integrate comfortably with the XO Laptop's Sugar environment. Your user experience may vary considerably depending on the established environment and the other programs running on the laptop, may need re-installation after an OS Update. See the Linux software category for other commands.

Activity-terminal.svg This application is accessed via the Terminal Activity

Lynx is a text-only web browser. It is an excellent tool for quickly browsing the web, or if you haven't installed the Browse activity.


Lynx can be installed by moving to a console, logging in and typing:

yum install lynx

That's it!


The cursor / touchpad doesn't do anything in lynx.

Gamepad buttons

  • O (Circle key) = Page Up
  • X (X key) = Page Down
  • [] (Square key) = Home (top of page)
  •  ? (Check key) = End (bottom of page)
  • ^ (D-pad Up) = Previous Link
  •  ? (D-pad Down) = Next Link
  • > (D-pad Right) = Follow Link
  • < (D-pad Left) = Back


  • Spacebar = Scroll down one page
  • Ctrl + L = Redraw screen


When using Lynx in a console, the suspend mode will print several lines of system messages into your screen. When you wake the XO back up and attempt to change pages, there will be persistant mistakes on your screen. Pressing Ctrl + L will redraw your screen for you.