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Description & Goals


Learning Center (formerly Teacher Center) is a space for educators and students filled with starter ideas on how to integrate the XO laptop and the MaMaMedia activities into the their learning experiences. It is a simple text-based framework which offers five tabbed sections:

  • Welcome - orientation and explanation of what to expect
  • Explore the XO - lesson ideas for exploring the XO as a class
  • Activities - List of MaMaMedia activities that describes the game and its learning value.
  • Glossary - definitions of key terms from lessons and XO interface
  • About - Background on Constructionist educational philosophy

This is a WorldWideWorkshop project - see the WorldWideWorkshop wiki page.

Beta 1.4 update

Pending: final copy, available translations, and links to an Educators wiki -- for those with an Internet connection who want to contribute their own lessons. Down the road, we are also considering including mesh functionality for educators in the same community to exchange lesson plans, teacher-to-teacher tips, and more.

Beta 1.3 update (Oct 11):

Journal Integration. User can Keep state of Learning Center activity. When resumed from journal, user will be taken to the last page they were looking at before clicking Keep button.

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