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LinuxBIOS maintainer notes

This is where we document various processes for the LinuxBIOS and ROM maintainers. If you are an user, then you're probably looking for Building LinuxBIOS instead.

Releasing a ROM version

This is the documented process for releasing a new version of the OLPC ROM. This will ensure that the same version string is used consistantly between the GIT tree and the actual ROM image.

  • Make sure the desired ROM image is completely committed to the GIT repository.
  • Edit and change the ROM_VERSION= line to a new version string. This is how we construct official version strings:


Note that this is the same string that you should use in place of VERSION for all the following functions.

  • Commit the edit to, with a brief description indicating that this a stable release of the ROM of revision VERSION.
  • Make a symbolic tag that points to the above commit (which should be HEAD).
$ git tag -a VERSION
  • Push the new symbolic tag to the public tree:
$ git push --tags
  • Build the ROM with the new version:
$ make 
  • Tag the ROM with the VERSION name:
$ cp deploy/linuxbios.rom deploy/linuxbios-VERSION.rom
  • Deploy the ROM image (TBD)